Marketing Strategy Seminar by Yamagata University and Local Industry: Branding Strategy of Brewery and MOT

“Business Club ~With~” in Industry-Finance-Academy-Government collaborations

Hosted by Yamagata Universiy and Yonezawa Shinkin Bank, “Business Club ~With~” as a business learning seminar was held on Friday, December 8th.  More than 100 attendees came from Yonezawa and Okitama region.

The seminar is aiming at business encouragement of local industries and counts 15 times. Mr. Masumi Nakano, President of DEWAZAKURA SAKE BREWERY Co.,Ltd, Yamagata, was invited to give a lecture “Sales Strategy and Branding Strategy of Dewazakura Sake Brewery”.  He is an energetic owner who brew sake by himself. His talk was very impressive in emphasing the philosophy of Ginjoshu brewing pioneer, spearheading “Pioneering Try-Sprit”, the marketing strategy of a 50-100 year long-beloved company, as well as enormous industry-wide efforts of brewing technology lift-up for Yamagata Sake branding.

Professor Yoichiro Tanaka, Yamagata University, introduced MOT’s educational activity for fostering industrial human resources and the new policy of “Data Science for Value Innovation”.

The seminar was hosed by Yamagata University and Yonezawa Shinkin Bank


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