Fly MOT Students! Doctoral and Master Thesis Public Presentations

MOT graduate students presented their theses for final defense

Three doctoral course students presented their theses for the final defense on February 6, 2018. Three master course students also gave presentations of their theses on February 17, 2018. In the public presentation, students who have been working hard for their degrees introduced the research results and the theses followed by intensive discussions with professors. They will complete their theses in consideration of their advices. Before the master thesis presentations on the same day, second year MOT graduate students who entered in October, 2016 presented their research statuses for review. They will approach the final phase of research activities with advisor’s guidances.

MOT graduae students will be obtain Doctoral Degree and Master’s Degree to make enrouraging departure for innovative value creation.

After the public presentation and the review, hosted by MOT first-year students, A Happy Graduation Party for graduating students was held in downtown Yonezawa. In heavy snow storm, students and teachers joined the cerebrating event with conversations about hot academic challenges as well as remembered warm experiences in Yonezawa.

Why do not you study at Yamagata University graduate school MOT (Department of Manufacturing Technology Management)?

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