Singularity ICT Symposium was held in Bunshokan, Yamagata (August 7th)

Discussions on ICT technology singularity in the symposium

“Singularity ICT Symposium” was held at Bunshokan, a historic landmark in Yamagata City, on Tuesday August 7th hosted by ICT Section, Research Institute of Reginal Value Creation Management.

IoT and high speed communication technology are promoting an evolution in data management if large scale data acquisition, storing and analysis. In the processing technology for data analytics and recognition, innovative performance development is on going utilizing full performance of GPU, FPGA and SSDs.

We also should notice that brain neuro science is evolving artificial intelligence (AI) and see high potential that computer cognitive performance will be significantly improved. In facing the singularity, now is the time we think deeply how we lead the technologies for future.

The simposium invited not only domestic speakers but also international computer scientists from Jordan. We had six invited papers and thoughtful discussions。

Simposium Program

1-5pm, Tuesday August 7th at Bunshokan, Yamagata City

(1) A Trial on DRAM replacement with SSD (Kazuhiro Hiwada, HazemAl-Edaily, LeenHashem, Yoshio Masubuchi: Toshiba Memory Corp.)

(2) Application Defined “Computing on Storage” (Yoichiro Tanaka: Yamagata University)

(3) Redesigning Agriculture with IoT  (Shigeru Ichiura: ViAR&E)

(4) Global Trend:IoT System and Data Utilization (Kazuo Nanashima: Toshiba Digital Solutions)

(5) HighPerformance Container Data Center (Toshihiro Matsuo: Inabata & CO., Ltd.)

(6) Entrepreneurship in ICT World (Shinji Omata: Asu-one Seeds Laboratory)


Presentation in Simposium

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