Carrier Development with MOT! Entrance Guidance in Tokyo and Yamagata

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Your Carrier Development

Hit a brick wall?  Facing difficulties in business expansion, technology development strategy, IoT & Bigdata or human resource management under changing global situations?

Management of Technology (MOT) is a big opportunity to develop your carrier as a business people. You will enjoy a structural education system on “Think, Practice, and Learn” style MOT’s Value Creation Course and learn from fundamental concepts to practical approaches of business strategy, competitive research and development, business profit improvement and cost reduction.

You will learn newly valued business and product planning with data-driven advanced analytics and forecasting. In addition, the course will enhance your practical power and actions that lead your businesses and society. Through the systematic researches from finding regional problems to creating solutions, you can apply Management of Technology widely to finance, merchandise, tourism and agriculture.

Get Doctorate and Master Degrees while working

For your convenience while working, most of the MOT classes are held on Saturday and partially Sunday. MOT has educated a large number of graduate students from industries and awarded Doctorate and Master degrees.

In addition to Yonezawa Campus, MOT has started classes in “YU Campus Station” in front of JR Yamagata Station upon needs and Yamagata University Arakawa Satellite (in Arakawa City Office, Tokyo) via live video network.  In the near future, MOT will expand the lecture location to Yamagata University Tokyo Satellite (Near JR Takachi Station, Tokyo) and Co-Working Space “C&C Higashine” (JR Sakuranbo Higashine Station, Yamagata Prefecture) for student convenience.

Entrance Choice in April and October

You have 2 choices of entrance semester in April and in October for your convenience. Entrance examination (an interview) will be scheduled 3 times for Master course and 2 times for Doctorate course every year for your choice. No written test will be applied.

Master Course Entrance Interview :  August, November, March for April semester entrance, and August (and April-May for international applicants via internet video conference) for October semester entrance

Doctorate Course Entrance Interview:  August and February for April semester entrance, and August for October semester entrance

Entrance Guidance upon Your Request

MOT is offering entrance guidance seminar upon your request. Please contact Prof. Yoichiro Tanaka or MOT office for arrangement.

Entrance Guidance Location

Contact for Entrance Guidance appointment

Professor Yoichiro Tanaka, Yamagata University Graduate School of Science and Engineering        Email:   Tel: 0238-26-3719

MOT Office       Email:     Tel: 0236-26-3621     FAX: 0238-26-3772

Why do not you study at Yamagata University graduate school MOT (Department of Manufacturing Technology Management)?

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