MOT Major

What is MOT

MOT Major course fosters superb “experts of MOT”.

Engineers are said to be not good at corporate management because they are solely dedicated in studying production technology. Those who learned corporate management, marketing, management accounting in addition to technology in specialized graduate programs and completed the course are called MOT master’s degree holders. The significance of MOT degree has become widely recognized at home and abroad.

Course Introduction

Power to wear on MOT

①Ideal Environment for Working People

MOT classes except for Tohoku MITRAI Course are offered on Saturdays from 7:20 am to 8:50 pm so that working people can find time to attend them.

②Variety of Completion Requirements

Completion requirement is not limited to a pass on master thesis. Students can choose one from multiple requirement options of accomplishment of practical tasks such as obtaining patent or grant, developing a new product and drawing a new business model.

③Teachers with Business Background

Faculty members of MOT Major have experiences of working at private companies, governments, international institutions and so on. They work on not only academic research but practical issues such as challenges at workplace.

④Grant and Employment Support

Students are qualified to apply for education training grants. Up to 100,000yen will be granted by government. Career Service Center has a solid track record to help students find jobs.

Advantages of MOT

①Interdisciplinary Curriculum

MOT program provides interdisciplinary curriculum of social science, natural science and humanities. Hence, it helps train students to be competent on the first day of entering the workforce and motivates working students to move up at work.

②Students of Different Ages and Occupations

Students of different age groups from different business sectors like private companies, governments and banks are enrolled in MOT program. Under this environment, students are able to expand their network in and out of class.

③Advance to Doctoral Course

Upon completion of doctoral course, students are awarded a doctor degree in engineering, which will benefit them in expanding their business at global level. Students who made remarkable research achievements may earn a doctorate, provided that they have been enrolled for more than 3 years in master and doctor course combined.

④Support and Guidance

Leveraging their deep expertise, faculty members offer one-on-one consulting on master thesis. Internship support and advice are also provided for students before and during the internship, enabling them to be more advantageous in job finding opportunities.

Requirements for doctoral course

Those who earned more than 30 credits in MOT master course or more than 40 credits in Tohoku MITRAI Course are certified to complete MOT master’s degree, provided that they fulfilled either of the following requirements.

①Pass Judgement on Master Thesis
Alternatively, students who made an outstanding outcome in the following categories are certified to complete the course. In this case, they are required to submit some proofs.

②Develop a new product and successfully commercialize it before graduating.

③Develop a new business project or undertake business innovation like building a new business model, and reap profits from it.

④Win more than 10 million yen of industry support grant in open bidding.

⑤Apply for and register a patent of promising innovation.

Why do not you study at Yamagata University graduate school MOT (Department of Manufacturing Technology Management)?

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