Value Creation Course


MOT Transforms Local Companies

As the world becomes more globalized and more borderless, Japan’s industries are facing rapid changes in a global business landscape: rise of emerging nations and BRICs, diversified markets, fuel price hike, fight over food and raw materials, increasing population in the developing nations, migration and growing international speculative capitals.

In Japan, we find many pressing issues such as coming massive retirement of baby boomers and seasoned workers, decline in her international competitiveness and industrial hollowing-out, while low birthrate, aging and chronic deficits in the national finance remain unresolved.

MOT Major course fosters superb “experts of MOT”. Engineers are said to be not good at corporate management because they are solely dedicated in studying production technology. Those who learned corporate management, marketing, management accounting in addition to technology in specialized graduate programs and completed the course are called MOT master’s degree holders. The significance of MOT degree has become widely recognized at home and abroad.


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Why do not you study at Yamagata University graduate school MOT (Department of Manufacturing Technology Management)?

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