Fall Semester at full steam on golden campus ~ IoT and Bigdata enriched

Fall Semester has started on Yonezawa campus in fall color

In October, Fall semester of MOT started. Fresh students from industries and other major as well as international students joined the MOT course. In beautifully colored Fall in Yonezawa with distant view of snow caps on Iide Mountain and Nishiazuma Mountain, MOT classes are at full steam.

In Fall Semester, MOT students will learn an essence of MOT and the strategy, basics of intellectual properties, fundamentals of academic paper and thesis, and accounting finances in a required course “Introduction to Management of Technology B”. Students will also learn value creation with bigdata and IoT (Internet of Things) which has been enhanced in a course “Management of Technology D (Information)” since last year.

Fresh graduates, experienced students from industries, and international students are actively enjoying MOT classes and discussions in hybrid style both in Japanese and English.

Why do not you study at Yamagata University graduate school MOT (Department of Manufacturing Technology Management)?

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