Invited special talk “Next Generation Computing for Life Science” by Professor Tanaka at Tohoku Univ. Micro System Integration Center (μSIC)

Discussion of Inter-Disciplinary Approach at μSIC

Co-hosted by Tohoku Univ. Micro System Integration Center (μSIC) and MEMS Park Consortium (MEMSPC), 24th Micro System Integration Open Seminar was held at Tohoku University on June 15th. Professor Yoichiro Tanaka, MOT, was invited to give a special talk on “Next Generation Computing for Life Science”  at the seminar and presented the advanced computing system for large scale analytics in life science fields.

The Micro System Integration Center (μSIC), a host of the open seminar, works with industrial partners and other collaborators to advance the state of technology development for micro system integration, targeting practical applications in a wide variety of fields ranging from information and communications systems to manufacturing and medical technology. The center has counted the hosting open seminar 24 times.


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