Smart Agriculture Innovation with MOT

Artificial Intelligence (AI) analyses “deliciousness” of agricultural products

MOT’s Associate Professor Hiroyuki Noda developed a technology which statistically analyzes “deliciousness” of agricultural products by a convenient non-destructive image analysis of vegetables and fruits.

Thanks to this impressive technology, producers will be able to provide quality information to consumers. In addition, producers will also be able to utilize analyzed feedback information of the products as well as cultivation methods such as fertilization to accurately improve the quality.

Artificail Intelligence (AI) might seem difficult. However, this AI technology features ease of use in which users just take product’s photos by smartphones and send them to cloud. AI in cloud will analyze the photos with large database and visualize “deliciousness” of the products. This technology will be extended to cover 16 kinds of  vegetable and fruit by next year.

The technology was co-developed by Associate Professor Hiroyuki Noda and Makuta Amenity Company. The research was supported by METI, Japanese Government in 2016- 2017.

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