Professor Yoichiro Tanaka, MOT, appointed to Deputy Director of “Business Research Institute for Glocal Innovation”

Accelerate business creations with technology seeds

Professor Yoichiro Tanaka, MOT, is assigned to Deputy Director of “Business Research Institute for Glocal Innovation(BRIG)” on January 1st, 2018.

Managment of Technology (MOT) is aiming at human talent development and value creation by seemless unification of state-of-art technology and business management. BRIG is creating ‘intelligent’ technologies for new industries as well as improve the quality of technologies for existing industries based on technology seeds from all of Yamagata University’s 6 academic departments. Tighter collaboration between MOT and BRIG is being expected. Both MOT and BRIG contribute to industry growth in Japan and prosperity of local industry, economy and society as a focal pint for the world.

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